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A key issue in precision medicine will be the validation and optimization of new technologies.  There is often little objective information available to indicate which technologies are best suited to a particular biological setting, so it can be difficult to assess the true value of a new technology.

Similarly, since the type of integrated data we will generate is unique, the development of quality control and data analysis methods will be critical.

Our Incubator will address these issues by optimizing technologies in settings where there are well-defined biological or clinical correlates.  This aspect of our work will provide an important, and unique, service for the research community.

Technology Development


Cutting-edge platforms will also be deployed for immunology research.

Our platform can reveal

transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms and assess their importance in disease.


In addition, data from our platform may provide novel information about cell fate or destiny, thereby informing the analysis of antigen-specific T- and B-cell responses in new ways.

Finally, as precision medicine clinical trials emerge, we will provide complete and comprehensive biomarker analysis.


The data collected through our integrated platform will be unlike any cytometry data ever obtained, as such, a public repository will be important.  Other resources contain data from only one platform, or contain trans-omic data across multiple sample aliquots.

By sharing deep & precise single cell profiles, collected from patients with clear clinical outcomes, a standardized & high quality database will be created for bioinformaticians & computational biologists to develop & test new data analysis algorithms.

As new biomarkers are discovered, we will work to translate these to clinical & drug development settings.

Precision Immunology Incubator


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