What to Expect When You're Expecting

What? Why is Pratip writing about pregnancy? No, we don't have that kind of announcement (LOL!).

But... my commentary on a very interesting article by Aghaeepour, et al. was just published in Science Immunology. It's a "Science Immunology : Focus" article about systems immunology.

Follow the link to my commentary:


And to the Aghaeepour, et al paper:


In the commentary, I write about how the deep profiling approach used by the authors tells us much about the immunology underlying a fundamental human condition - pregnancy. More importantly (to me at least), the Aghaeepour et al paper is a great model for a smart general strategy for performing deep profiling studies. The commentary fleshes out how to take the pregnancy-specific approach Aghaeepour et al used, and generalize it for other settings, and talks about the considerations for doing that.

Have a look if you're interested in complete and comprehensive ways to characterize cells!

#dataanalysis #cytometry

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